Orthopedic Sports Medicine & Spine Care Institute

		Orthopedic Sports Medicine & Spine Care Institute

Thank you for selecting us as your orthopedic, sports and physical medicine physicians. Our group has years of vast and unique experience to offer you. Thanks to extensive diversification of skills and training, we are able to provide a full range of care, from conservative to aggressive, based on the requirements of your individual diagnosis. We strive to offer you state-of-the art care in the most compassionate and efficient manner possible.

Our Mission

Orthopedic Sports Medicine & Spine Care Institute provides leading-edge, results-based care for orthopedic and spine disorders. We are a comprehensive, premier team of specialists dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment, habilitation and prevention of sports and orthopedic injuries and conditions. Our team is dedicated to improving the quality of life for our patients and their families.

Doctor/Patient Relationship

OSMSCI is led by group of seven orthopedic surgeons and physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians who practice jointly. Large, more comprehensive group practices with the ability to offer total disease management care are becoming a more common and desirable method of medical practice in our country. Patients enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that when they establish their care with any specialty, that there will always be someone available to care for them, when their treating physician is on vacation or otherwise unavailable.

Group practices, such as ours, offer the continuity of care and sharing of records required to make this possible. While under the care of your spine, orthopedic and/or physical medicine and rehabilitation physician, it may be important for you to maintain your relationship with your family physician. When your evaluation and treatment is complete, you will be discharged and returned to the care of your primary care physician for routine medical care. In some situations your family physician or internist will also be involved in the management of your care during your hospitalization. We will strive to keep your primary care physician informed of your care and progress. Please be sure to notify us if you make a change in primary care physicians.