Dr. Patricia Hurford Testimonial

“Dr. Hurford is one of my favorite people”. I have heard many people use these words, including myself. Dr. Hurford always has my best interests in mind. Her goal in regards to my care, is to help me achieve the best quality of life by using the most appropriate, safe, and effective methods available. She whole-heartedly listens to my concerns and offers solutions based on my needs, even if that means referring me to other practitioners. She is my advocate and the director of my spine care, collaborating with other specialists in the St. Louis area to make sure I receive the best medicine has to offer. After 15 years of living with pain and bouncing from doctor to doctor, Dr. Hurford has proven to be my home base. I trust in her completely to provide the care I need. Life as a 44 yr. old woman is busy. It never slows down and neither can I. Dr. Hurford and I have developed a relationship. She is invested in me. We hold each other accountable. I have to do my part as well, which means living a healthy life by exercising regularly and making nutritious choices to fuel my body. Working together with Dr. Hurford has brought me out of a period of hopelessness into a space of hopefulness for the future. She’s the best.

Marcia Faulhaber

I have worked with Dr. Hurford for many years. Her compassion and understanding of a person’s problems are extraordinary. She’s warm and open to whatever you have to say. I have had many different problems over the years and she has been able to sort them out without difficulty.I have found her to be the perfect listener and is always spot on with her treatment plan. With my variety of different problems, she has always known when to run more test, do injections, or on a few occasions refer me out to a neurosurgeon when necessary. I would not be walking today if it had not been for her expert care.I trust her to do any procedure necessary from trigger point injections, nerve blocks, to epidural injections. She has always kept a tight rein on my pain management. Keeping me working for as long as possible. I will always be grateful for the dignity she afforded me through many a rough and difficult time. I feel Dr. Hurford genuinely cares about me and my pain and over all wellbeing. I could not ask for a better physician or friend than she is.

Cathy Flora