Dr. Corey Solman Testimonials

Corey exhibits the traits and skills you would expect of someone who is fully invested in their patient’s health and personal care. He listens, he explains, he will talk as long as you need to talk and when you are ready, he will provide you with exemplary health care and follow up. He provided knee replacement surgery for my wife and torn rotator surgery for myself. His gifts have allowed my wife to join Cross Fit and me to continue my martial arts and Cross Fit journeys! Cheers Corey! You are the best.


I am a healthy 65 year old male and in January 2015 I had rotator cuff surgery and in November 2015 I had a left knee replacement, both performed by Dr. Solman. My rehab therapist said my recovery from both surgeries was the quickest and easiest she had seen. I had my right knee replaced four years ago by a different surgeon and the rehab took twice as long and was ten times more painful. Switching to Dr. Solman was the best move I made in 2015. THANK YOU DR. SOLMAN…tc


Last May while I was returning from a three week vacation out west, I missed a curve just outside of Bartlesville, OK resulting in my left arm being broken in two places between my elbow and shoulder and totaling my motorcycle. I spent two nights at a hospital in Bartlesville, OK. They put a hard cast on my arm so I could get back home to Missouri. A friend back in MO told me to see Dr. Corey Solman. Dr. Solman had done an operation on him earlier. After getting an appointment to see Dr. Solman, we scheduled my surgery for May 26, 2015. Dr. Solman and his assistants took great care of me, installing two metal bars into my arm. The follow-up visits were a pleasure for me and they were very professional and made me feel at ease. After two months of therapy, I have regained full use of my arm. I suggest to all my friends that if they need a good and proven doctor, they need to see Dr. Corey Solman. I will always consider Dr. Corey Solman a personal friend of mine and I will never forget his kindness and the help he gave me during this difficult time. I have given up on a motorcycle after 40 years of riding and seeing the United States. My thanks to all of Dr. Solman’s staff. My thanks especially to Kim for working so hard to get me an early appointment to see Dr. Solman. She realized the pain I had and she cared very much. Orthopedic Sports Medicine is very lucky to have an employee such as Kim. My thanks goes out to all involved in my operation. I will never forget you all.

-Jim G

I am most happy to share a “testimonial” concerning Dr. Corey Solman! I am a southern lady who sees religious implications in sharing your testimony. When you stand before a church group, you do so because you feel your life has been changed for the better. This is totally appropriate when thinking about the positive impact Corey has had; not only on my health but also the quality of my life!

I have definitely filled my life with activity! I dealt with the stress of college by going to every dance on campus (and dancing every dance)! My adult life was always filled with ways to “move”: jogging, walking, spinning, step classes, etc. In addition, Jerry (my husband) and I found a way to get to the Colorado Mountains to hike 1-2 times a year. Over the years these activities (increasingly) became laced with frustration and tears as my knees refused to cooperate with my goals to stay active.

Initially my search for relief came in the form of a recommendation of Dr. Lehman in Kirkwood (who had “cleaned up” my employer’s botched knee surgery in her past). An initial visit (and an MRI) suggested what I already guessed – I would need arthoscopic surgery on both knees. When I returned for a follow-up visit, it was announced to me that I would be handed over to another doctor; a new “young” employee – Dr. Solman.

I was frankly planning to make excuses and go elsewhere for a more experienced surgeon. Thank goodness there was a young nurse within hearing distance of our conversation. She announced to me that she had just observed Dr. Solman in surgery. Her description of his skills was short and sweet. He was described as “brilliant”! I figured I should at least meet this brilliant young man! That one meeting with him was all that was necessary! I was immediately won over by his sweet, down to earth personality. (By the way I can tell you that most people WANT a doctor who acts like a real person – not a movie star). He suggested avoiding two surgeries by doing both knees – a wise decision! Happily, all went beautifully and I was soon back to all my favorite activities. Little did I know that I was soon going to need him for something else – the use of my left hand! My “accident” happened in my back yard. I backed into a lawnmower that I didn’t know was there. When my husband found me he realized my wrist bone was detached and sitting on top of my arm bone. He “fell apart” when I refused to go to the local hospital. I KNEW I had to get to Dr. Solman. It was a “God thing” that he happened to be in town that weekend! A titanium plate and about 12 screws were inserted into that wrist, and there was real concern as to whether I would regain use of the hand. But I DID!! Today, I continue with my many other interests: playing guitar, ukelele, piano, knitting (avid), and gardening to name a few! I am totally convinced this is due to one “brilliant” young surgeon who I would trust with my life ANY TIME!

Over the years Corey Solman has continued to help me live life to the fullest. I feel we are a team! I love the fact that he wants me to “keep moving” despite the fact that aging also brings challenges of its own! Forgive me if this is “long-winded”, but it is all true and straight from the heart. In addition to all of that, we consider Dr. Solman a friend. I am sure we aren’t the only patients who feel this way because he makes you feel like you are the only patient he has to see that day! Thank you for the opportunity to share my story with others. If you are considering surgery, you have found the right doctor!

Sandra B.