Dr. Russell Cantrell Testimonials

As a Case Manager for Worker Related injuries, I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Russell Cantrell since he started with Orthopedic and Sports Medicine. Dr. Cantrell is a very professional and caring physician. His examinations are very thorough and comprehensive and he treats not only work related but non-work related conditions with the same professionalism and attention. He is very knowledgeable about musculo-skeletal and neurologic conditions and uses the most appropriate methods of evaluating and treating these diagnoses. He provides omprehensive reports with a fair, balanced approach to addressing issues that often arise during the evaluation and treatment of work related injuries. I have referred friends and family to Dr. Cantrell.


I have worked with Dr. Cantrell for over 15 years both professionally and personally. His diagnostic abilities are extraordinary. He takes clear histories from all patients and breaks down complicated cases in order to provide a proper diagnosis. He provides the patient with clear directives to an individualized treatment plan with the end goal of rehabbing the patient to their best quality of health.

His communication skills allow him to relate to all types of people. He increases a person’s knowledge base regarding their illness/disease process while also explaining their deficit. Dr. Cantrell then explains the path of treatment in order to maximize the patient’s positive outcome.

Dr. Cantrell and his team coordinate and collaborate with all disciplines such as case managers, therapist, physician’s in training, attorney’s, and other physicians to have a successful and caring practice.

Emily Becker