Dr. Andrew Wayne Testimonials

I just want to say that I hear so many people complain about their steroid shots and that they are always in pain. When I see Dr. Andy Wayne, he gives me a shot in my spine and I hardly even feel it. It sure does do my back good and I don’t have to take so much pain medicine. They do wear off between 4 and 5 months. Dr. Wayne will explain everything he’s doing. He is a great pain management doctor so if you are in pain, I would advise you to
see Dr Wayne.

Louis Seiler

I first went to Dr. Andrew Wayne in September of 2010,after being referred to him by my general practitioner. I had severe pain in my lower back and legs,and could no longer stand up straight – I was stuck in about a 60 degree angle. After some x-rays and an MRI it was determined I had severe spinal stenosis and spinal spondylosis (drying up of the fluid in your spine). I began getting injections in my back-after the first one I was able to stand up straight again. I have now been a patient of his for over 5years and have had 2 major back surgeries.I continue to get spinal injections every 3-4 months and I would not trust many people to put a needle in my back. Dr. Wayne is very personable and easy to talk to,extremely warm and caring,as is his staff. He explains things so well anybody can understand it. I have recommended numerous people to him. Dr.Wayne does everything in his power to ease my pain to help me get through each day.

Randy Briggs from Desoto, Mo.

I have been seeing Dr. Andy Wayne for a very long time and he is a very understanding, kind and soft spoken doctor. He cares about your feelings and he takes his time in caring for you. Anyone would love to be his patient.